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The year six students at Stella Maris Primary School in Beaumaris Victoria are an impressive bunch. The Social Justice Motivators of the class decided they wished to do something for charity. This meant instead of hanging out during their lunch breaks, they inspired all the kids who attend the school to take turns on an exercise bike and ride over 500 kilometres to raise money for Caritas Australia.

 “We rode an exercise bike every lunchbreak for a week and asked the rest of the school to join us,” said the Social Justice Leaders group. “We wanted to show our support for those people in the world who have to walk or ride a long way to get basic needs like food, water and education.”

Hit their target after a week

The students were able to achieve their 500km target in a single week with a 3-minute ride costing $1, they managed to raise money for Caritas Australia in the process. The students say they asked local shop owners to sponsor the project which is known as the Cycle in Solidarity Initiative. What was really impressive is the whole school turned out to support the project and members of the community also helped the students fundraise for Caritas.

Many other projects

As part of the fundraising exercise the year six students also organised a Dance-a-Thon and a Walk-a-Thon. This involved the students walking and dancing at home, and soliciting donations from members of their family. Whilst learning about how to run a business the students chose to donate all their profits to Caritas as well. In mid-December Megan Bourke who is Lead Justice Educator for Caritas Australia’s Southern Region participated in the school assembly when she accepted a check of $2,407.30 from the school’s Social Justice Leaders.

Special donation

The amount that was raised included a special donation made by a student named Ryder. Instead of receiving a birthday gift, Ryder who is a younger student requested his parents to make a donation to Caritas on his behalf. Many of the school’s teachers and its students were so impressed, they all decided to pitched in to donate to Ryder’s birthday present.

 “I was very impressed by the energy and generosity of the students at Stella Maris,” Megan said. “Their actions are a model for others to follow, showing a mature understanding of the common good, participation and helping the most vulnerable.”

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