South Australia Pride of Australia Winners Announced

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A teacher, student, charity worker and consumer adviser at the Royal Adelaide Hospital have been named as this year’s South Australia’s Pride of Australia winners. These four community spirited individuals are truly inspiring and their contributions to society made them the stand out choices for the popular News Corp award from dozens of other well deserving nominees.

Transforming the lives of at risk children

Rachael Zaltron is a charity worker who established an organisation named Backpacks4SAKids in 2014 to honour the memory of a friend who passed away before being able to achieve her dream of becoming a foster care mum. Ms Zaltron’s charity transforms the life of children who are homeless or part of the system, as well as families seeking to rebuild their lives after domestic violence. The organisation has 200 volunteers who distribute over 2,500 backpacks every year.

Supporting kids with cancer

At just nine years old Harriette Rogers is anxious to show of her medal to her classmates at Seymour College. Her compatriots supported her in her effort to grow her hair as long as it could grow, so that it could be cut off and used to make wigs for children suffering from cancer and had lost their own hair as a result of treatment. Harriette grew her hair for two years and was able to trim a whopping 35 centimetres. She says she is considering doing it all over again, though her mum isn’t too keen on having to untie all the resulting knots again! The young lady also organised a fund-raising bike ride to add to the $3,200 she had already raised for Canteen, a charity dedicated to supporting kids suffering from cancer.

Helping families deal with dementia

Brett Partington is a consumer adviser who established and online support group to provide assistance to families dealing with relatives suffering from dementia. The group has over 1,200 members and all of them have praised Brett and his family including mother Jan and sister Jane. When Brett’s father Bob was diagnosed with dementia, the family rallied round and provided one another with support. Brett says his family have gone through hell but hopes he can provide assistance to other families travelling down the same road now.

Getting men to help educate young kids

Steven Cameron founded the Australian Association for Men in Early Childhood Education. Steven says he was truly humbled when he found out the support staff at Kidman Park’s Kiker Memorial Kindergarten had nominated him for the award. He says the fact that he knew they thought so highly of him was so special that he didn’t care whether he won the award or not. Steven says it’s great to win a medal and will look very nice sitting next to another medal he won for Kung Fu!

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