Sumatran Tigers At Targona Adjusting Quite Well To The Move

Less than three months after moving from Taronga’s Sydney location the three Sumatran Tigers Kartika, Kembali and Jumilah all seem to be adjusting quite well to life at at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo. The three tigers have been moved to Dubbo whilst a new Sumatran Tiger Experience is being built at the Sydney location. The three tigers made the move in October last year along with their handler Megan Lewis.

Handlers quite pleased

Megan says she is really pleased with how well the tigers are adjusting to their new surroundings and routine. She adds they have quickly settled into their new home and have forged robust relationships with their new keepers. Jumilah and her daughter Kartika appear to be more confident than Kembali however it must be said that all three of the tigers have made the adjustment to their new living environment.

Male tiger is more sensitive

Megan goes on to say that Kembali is indeed showing more confidence than they expected but is following the lead of his mother and sister. Kembali tends to be more sensitive than his compatriots but seems to have adapted faster than it was thought he would and is now relaxed in his new surroundings.

It’s a bit hotter

Whilst the trio of tigers are accustomed to the heat at Taronga Zoo Sydney, there is slightly more dry heat at their new location, so their handlers have been providing the tigers with frozen treats when the mercury climbs to high. There are presently four tiger groups at Taronga Western Plains Zoo as well as two exhibits.  This means it is possible to rotate the groups every second to third day.

Placed as one group

Jumilah, Kembali and Kartika have been placed as a single group and spent their first day on exhibit on the 20th of January. Whilst the three tigers can be shy they have already acclimatised to their new environment and have demonstrated they have the ability to adapt and adjust. The tiger exhibit at Taronga Western Plains Zoo is open daily between 9am and 4pm

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