Taronga Moves Zebras and Onagers To Create New Attractions


The Persian Onagers and Zebras being kept at Taronga Western Plains Zoo were moved recently so they could make room for the construction of some exciting future projects later in the year. Pascale Benoit Division Supervisor said the moves went very smoothly, even though such kind of movements are logistical operations which takes weeks or even months of planning. This is because it is necessary to ensure the animals are comfortable and ready to be moved as well as given time to settle into their new surroundings.

Conditioning the animals first

In advance of the moves the animal handlers conditioned the onagers and zebras for the trip by familiarising them with their transportation crates and raceways. Mr. Pascal said both species really enjoy their food so the animals were rewarded during the period where keepers were helping them become familiar with their travelling crates. If you are visiting the zoo and wish to see the zebras, they are now located just past the elephant exhibit whilst the Persian Onagers are now located in an exhibit which is next to Prezwalski’s Horse.

 “Both groups look great in their new exhibits. They are still getting used to some new sounds, particularly zebras from the elephant facility, but it is all stimulation for them which is positive and something they would receive in the wild.” Mr. Pascale said.

Major changes taking place

Taronga is making some major changes to improve and develop the site. Once such project is the Savannah Safari which is currently being constructed and has a completion date set for September. The project will see the introduction of a new tour which will allow visitors sit in an open air safari truck that will drive through the African Savannah exhibit which features giraffe, ostrich, eland and black buck antelope. In the future it is expected the exhibit will also feature white rhinos.

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