Taronga Zoo Lion Cubs Celebrate First Year

A Lion Cub

The three lion cubs that were born last year at Taronga Western Plains Zoo celebrated their first birthday at the end of last month. The cubs consist of two females and one male and were born to a lioness named Maya who was a first time mother. Their dad Lazarus is an experienced male who has fathered a number of cubs however these were the first lion cubs to be born at the Zoo.

Playing in public

The three critters spent the first three months of their lives outside of the public eye, developing a relationship with their parents. In May last year the public were able to get the opportunity to see them for the first time and the cubs had a lot of fun bouncing and climbing around their enclosure as well as wrestling with one another.

Growing fast

The cubs have grown incredibly fast. Baako the male cub already weighs 70 kilograms and he is only just a year old. The cubs handler Melanie Friedman says they seem to have settled down a little bit however they are still quite naughty on occasion. Ms. Friedman says the cubs love to play and stalk birds that are part of their exhibits. They even have the courage to pounce on their dad Lazarus initiating some play time with him.

Special treats

To celebrate their first year, Zoo keepers are feeding the cub treats such as a special enrichment frozen treat called a “bloodcicle”. These frozen treats provide nutrients to the cubs and usually given to them behind the scenes.

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