Taronga’s New Meerkat Exhibit To Be Ready For The School Holidays

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is building a new meerkat exhibit and the construction is progressing well. The exhibit measures 100 square metres and will be located at the beginning of the tour circuit, right next to the black rhino exhibit. Tourists visiting the zoo will have the opportunity for additional viewing access through large glass panels. The exhibit will enable them see the meerkats enjoy their habitat which will include sand, stones, trees and logs.

State of the art exhibit

The exhibit will also contain purpose built tunnels that will serve to act as shelter and shade for the meerkats. Handlers of the animals will be able to hide food in the tunnels so as to encourage the critters to fossick which is what they do in the wild. The new exhibit will be naturalistic and have the ability to be divided when necessary to accommodate any changes in the social structure of the group.  The space will also include a designated are for visitor encounters to make sure that tourists get the best possible experience. It is expected the new enclosure will be finished in time for the December school holidays.

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