Tax Discounts When Making a Charitable Donation

Australians now have a very quick and easy way to help poor people around the world whilst also reducing their tax bill. By giving a gift donation of $2 or more to an approved charity you can claim a tax deduction on the amount. There is no limit on the donation amount, though you obviously can’t use a large donation to create a tax loss!

All charitable donations must be received by the end of Australian tax year, Wednesday 30th June 2010, to be counted in this years tax return. Though if your donation means you receive any goods or services in return, then you can’t claim for the deduction. Be sure to keep an official receipt from your donation as proof, and make sure you do it by the end of this month. To ensure your money goes straight to the charity, donate to them via credit card directly through their website address for speedier processing.

Many who donate money to charity feel much better about giving some of their hard earned cash away to people who are in desperate need of it. By making a cash donation, not only will you be helping people across the globe to have a better life, but also giving yourself the piece of mind that you are making a difference. The tax deduction is the Australian governments way of saying thank you for your generosity.

"Please note, any prices mentioned in the Charity Gifts blog are correct at the time of posting. Please check the relevant website for the latest pricing information."

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