Two Clinics Closed after Death of Médecins Sans Frontières Staff

Tragic news from the frontline in Somalia, where two Médecins Sans Frontières staff members have been killed in the Hadan District. The deaths will see the poverty charity end all activities in the area due to fears for the safety of it’s staff, including the closure of two separate 120-bed medical facilities.

Philippe Havet and Dr. Karel Keiluhu were caring for malnourished children and treating measles and cholera, were killed by gunmen in Mogadishu. Médecins Sans Frontières now see the risks of further attacks too high, so are removing their staff for the safety and security reasons. This awful tragedy follows on from the kidnapping of two colleagues in December 2011.

Médecins Sans Frontières General Director, Christopher Stokes, said –

It is hard to close health services in a location where the presence of our medical teams is genuinely life-saving every day, but the brutal assassination of our colleagues in Hodan makes it impossible for us to continue working in this district of Mogadishu.

Médecins Sans Frontières has been almost 200,000 Somaliains in Hadan, vaccinating 67,228 children against measles in the process. Having worked in Somalia continuously since 1991, it is a real tragedy that their work will no longer continue in this district due to these unnecessary killings.

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