UNICEF Congratulates India On Third Anniversary Of Being Polio Free

This is a huge milestone for India which up until 2009 was responsible for over half the incidences of polio in the world reporting 741 cases.

Experts believe that poor hygiene and sanitation combined with high population density and poor health amongst the poor makes India one of the hardest places in the world to make polio free. Despite these challenges the Indian governments strong commitment and its partnership with UNICEF and the World Health Organisation has achieved that goal.

India could not have achieved polio free status without the hard work of millions of frontline workers. UNICEF celebrates the importance of India’s achievement on its third anniversary of being polio free and lauds the importance of vaccination that combats a disease which used to kill millions of Children annually.

The World Health Organisation will issue a polio free certificate to India along with the rest of South East Asia by the end of March and celebrations in India are planned for February

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