UNICEF Frontline Immunisation Campaign in Kenya

UNICEF Australia is asking for your help as the continue they’re massive immunisation campaign in the drought and war torn country of Kenya. As more and more people are crossing over into Somalia, UNICEF ground workers are tirelessly helping people on the front line who are in desperate need of clean water, food and medicine.

UNICEF’s campaign is part of an effort to bolster child survival in the Horn of Africa, where food prices are soaring out of control, causing an even bigger crisis than anyone could have possibly imagined. 11 million people have been affected by this tragedy, that’s almost the same as half the population of Australia!

If you would like to donate, simply click on the link below to provide much needed funds, and offer a helping hand to the people of Africa during their hour of need.

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Help Support UNICEF Australia with a Charity Gift

You can help raise funds with UNICEF Inspired Gifts. Presents start at just $10, and for a little as $32 you could buy a virtual charity gift like a football and pump for children in refugee camps to free their minds and experience the ‘beautiful game’.

There are so many to choose from, and these thoughtful gifts would make an ideal present for a loved one…

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