UNICEF Respond to Measles in Somalia

UNICEF charity officials and their partners have reacted quickly to an outbreak of measles in Somalia, which could turn deadly unless treated straight away. A delivery to the area will hopefully stop the disease from spreading between the children displaced by drought and famine, with vaccinations planned for all 2.5 million children aged between six months and 15 years who have been affected.

Chief Executive of UNICEF, Norman Gillespie, said –

A surge in measles cases in the country and an outbreak of cholera in Mogadishu has made it clear that this is more than just a food crises – it is a crisis for child survival. A healthy child can survive a bout of diarrhoea but severe malnutrition and cholera or measles can be a lethal combination for children. We must reach all children with preventative vaccines to stop another wave of needless deaths. Australians have once again showed how generous they can be to help those in need, yet huge shortfalls in funding remains.

The vaccinations started in Mogadishu on Saturday 20th August 2011, with UNICEF dispatching 700,000 doses of measles vaccines as part of their initial response. Some 150,000 children had already been vaccinated at the camps before the latest treatment had been sent, with another 70,000 treated at the Dadaab camp in Kenya alongside 170,000 in the Dolo Ado camp in Ethiopia.

Cholera have also been confirmed inside the Mogadishu camp in Somalia, and with 4,272 cases and 181 deaths already registered in the Banadir hospital in Mogadishu, medication across drought torn countries to tackle another outbreak looks imperative.

UNICEF work on the front line in over 150 countries across the globe thanks to your generous donations. Thanks to you support, UNICEF help children survive in some of the world’s poorest countries providing vaccines, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, and education to help protect them from violence, exploitation, and AIDS.

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