Up to 65% off at Oxfam Fair Trade Store – Offers end 30-06-13

If you’re in the market for an absolute bargain, why not slip over to the Oxfam Fair Trade Shop where they are offering up to 65% off some of their amazing charity gifts. That’s quite a saving!

There’s loads of amazing gifts to choose from, plus for a limited time you can still receive a free jar of delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread with each order. ¬†These offers are only available when you order online before the end of Sunday 30th June 2013, with savings that include –

  • 50% off cushions
  • 50% off accessories
  • 60% off vases
  • 60% off table wear
  • 65% off photo frames
  • 65% off candles

plus many more items at this great charity gift extravaganza. An Oxfam Fair Trade item offers a worker in a poor community a fair days wage for a fair days work, and the chance to sell their products on the world market. So why not take advantage of these great discounts, and pick up a free jar of sumptuous chocolate spread too. Only available online with Oxfam Australia.

"Please note, any prices mentioned in the Charity Gifts blog are correct at the time of posting. Please check the relevant website for the latest pricing information."

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