Valentines Charity Gifts

With Valentines Day fast approaching, why not surprise that special someone in your life with a charity gift this year?

Do you really think that another bunch of flower or a box of chocolates will win any brownie points this year? Does that really show how deep your love is? Remember, a partner is not just for Valentines, but for life. (and in some cases this may carry on past the grave into the after life if you play your cards right!)

So to celebrate your endless devotion to the one you love, why not buy them a dunny?

Who said romance was dead?

But this isn’t just any old love crazed gesture, the Oxfam Unwrapped toilet is a special gift which will be placed in refugee camps to helping reduce the risk of disease.

If you think that is a bit of a ‘pooey’ idea, then why not go all out and buy a chicken for your chick?!

An Oxfam Unwrapped chicken helps communities develop sustainable farming practices to create income to earn money for themselves and their families.

You could even sponsor a child with Plan for your loved one in a developing country to aid there development in education and health for as little as $1 a day

These presents are the gifts that keep on giving, and quite the conversation starter!

So why not really surprise someone this Valentine’s and also help others to help themselves…

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