Women For The World Events Raise Awareness Of Caritas Supported Programs Around The World

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This month, Women for the World Events brought together women from all over Australia to raise money and awareness for women who live in poverty globally. The event was organised by a group of women who care deeply for social justice and events were held in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. The events were meant to show solidarity with women all over the world and raised finances for Caritas programs that empower the most marginalised people around the world.

Women face discrimination

A large percentage of poor people in the world are women with most of them living in the developing world where they face systematic discrimination and are prevented from actively participating in community life. At this year’s Women for the World events, the special guest was Psyche Mae from the Philippines. Ms. Mae used the opportunity to tell attendees about how programs organised by Caritas empowered her and family and helped her transform into a position where she is now able to give back to her own community.

Caritas does something about injustice

Ms. Mae grew up in very challenging circumstances as one of four children in a family of six who lived in a relocation site for squatter families. They lived on the edge of a garbage dump in a desperately poor area. In 2004 Ms. Mae started to participate in Caritas Australia supported program run by the Faithful Companions of Jesus. The Urban Renewal Program gave her and her family education, knowledge and skills which gave them the strength to get through many a difficult time. Ms Mae is now 25 and a fully qualified social worker. She is keen on helping women that are the victims of domestic violence.

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