World Aids Day – 01-12-11

UNICEF Australia is pleased with the continued fall in HIV/AIDS numbers on the eve of World Aids Day which kicks off on Wednesday 1st December 2011. Their latest study, the “Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Response”, shows a 15% reduction of new infections over the last ten years, plus a 22% decrease in AIDS-related deaths in the last five years. These fantastic figures show that the increased access to HIV services and treatment alongside information and education has been working tremendously across the globe.

Chief Executive of UNICEF Australia, Norman Gillespie, said –

It has taken the world three decades to achieve this level of momentum. There is now a very real possibility of getting ahead of the epidemic. But this can only be achieved by both sustaining and accelerating this momentum over the coming years. 2011 has been a game changing year. With new science, unprecedented political leadership and continued progress in the AIDS response, countries have a window of opportunity to take their responses to the next level. By investing wisely, countries can increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve on results. However, gains made to date are being threatened by a decline in resources for AIDS.

Hopefully the continued advancement in HIV science and education can help to improve the effectiveness of HIV programmes across the world. The 15% reduction in new infections is hopefully just the start of the worldwide fight against AIDS, that it appears we are on the right track towards winning.

UNICEF works in over 190 countries to promote and protect children from AIDS through education and training. The also offer more vaccines than any other charity in the world whilst supporting child health, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, and education for all boys and girls across the globe, no matter their situation.

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