WSPA Anger at Kangaroo Cull

The WSPA charity has slammed the Australian government’s annual kangaroo culling as a ‘killing frenzy’.

The government have increased the numbers allowed to be shot by commercial hunters from 5million every year to 7million. The Farmers’ Association of New South Wales claim a leap from 8million to over 13million in the past 12 months justify the extra Kangaroo culling. The Association also blame the overpopulation causing damage to fences, crops, and depletion of the Outback’s water supply. But with the meat Kangaroo goods now becoming a multimillion dollar industry, animal rights groups see this as an excuse for commercial gain.

It’s not just animal rights groups who disagree with the cull either. 8 Aboriginal elders scaled the fences of the former naval communications post in Canberra where a cull was taking place. Once inside the elders held a smoking ceremony, to ‘claim back their land’. Local Aborigines have been closely involved in the protest against the cull for several weeks.

Ngunnawal tribe spokeswoman Isobel Coe told police –

“If you are going to treat us like trespassers you will have to arrest us and take us to jail. We are claiming our land and that’s what our sacred fire means.”

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