WSPA Saving Romanian Bears with Natalia Imbruglia

Actress Natalie Imbruglia will be starring in the one hour documentary ‘Memory of Maia’ on Network Ten, an amazing insight into the incredible bear sanctuary of Romania.

Natalie travelled throughout the country alongside the alongside the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), helping to rescue imprisoned bears and relocate them to the forest sanctuary near the city of Brasov in Transylvania.

Romania is home to some of Europe’s most neglected bears, with the majority victims of the tourist industry, or rescued from private zoos and circuses. The program run by the WSPA is to try and confiscate all captive bears in Romania and educate local people and authorities about the importance of protecting these complex and intelligent animals and keeping them in the wild.

After visiting the sanctuary, Natalie said –

‘The sanctuary is absolutely amazing, I loved seeing the bears running around and interacting. It reminded me of children playing and it fascinated me seeing the connection they had with each other. Most of the bears had never experienced dirt underneath their paws or trees to hug and climb, and this sanctuary gives the bears the opportunity to do this and live the rest of their lives safe from harm.’

While a sanctuary is only one small part of the solution to the captive bear problem in Romania, it is a necessary safe haven for imprisoned bears that would simply have no other place to go.

In Memory of Maia is on Sunday, February 15 at 4pm on Network Ten.

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