WWF Adopt an Animal Australia

WWF Adopt an animal scheme has just launched in Australia and is a fantastic gift for a loved one or friend. This is a great way to show a loved one that you care not only for them, but also for the world and it’s animals. All you need you need to do is pay a one off fee and you will not only be providing funds to help an endangered species survive in the wild, but you will also see your chosen recipient receive a –

  • cute cuddly toy of the animal
  • adoption certificate
  • fantastic gift pack

There is a great selection of animals to adopt from the WWF, with all of your donations helping to stop poaching and protect the future of some of the world’s most endangered species. Due to deforestation, global warming and illegal trade, some of the world’s most beautiful animals are slowly becoming extinct, so why not –

  • adopt a Tiger
  • adopt a Turtle
  • adopt a Panda
  • adopt an Orangutan

These Adopt an Animal packages are a great charity gift for friends and family, especially children. Not only will you be giving them a fantastic cuddly toy and an interesting gift pack, but you will also be providing much needed funds to help stop endangered species from becoming extinct across the globe.

"Please note, any prices mentioned in the Charity Gifts blog are correct at the time of posting. Please check the relevant website for the latest pricing information."

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