WWF Australia ask you to Say Yes

WWF Australia are asking you to ‘Say Yes’ to carbon price for the countries biggest polluters to pay for the amount they emit. There are 6 major reasons to ‘Say Yes’, and these are –

  • Big polluters pay, not individual taxpayers
  • New incentive to cut pollution
  • Money paid will go towards renewable energy
  • Help people struggling to pay their bills
  • Up to 770,000 jobs created
  • Cleaner air for everyone

Watch this video to find out more about why you should ‘Say Yes’ to carbon price –

31 countries in Europe have been using carbon price for nearly 7 years, isn’t it about time Australia got involved and started cutting pollution today? The tax will only effect Australia’s 1,000 biggest polluting companies, not the ordinary tax payer, encouraging them to invest in cleaner methods to help the environment. Somply click on the link below to make your voice heard.

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