WWF Australia Living Planet Report – 13-10-10

WWF Australia is looking forward to the release of it’s charity report, The Living Planet 2010, which is due on Wednesday 13th October 2010. This is the world’s leading science based analysis of the health of our planet and the impact us humans are having on its condition. WWF will be issuing a number of videos, like the one below, leading up to the report’s release date. These videos will highlight some of the report’s findings.

The data is processed and calculated using two main sources –

  • The Living Planet Index
  • The Ecological Footprint

The Living Planet Index reflects the health of the planet’s ecosystems, whilst The Ecological Footprint will show the extent of human demand on the planet. These are tracked over several decades to reveal what may lie ahead if we continue to drain the world’s resources. Unless changes are made and we begin to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we could cause permanent damage to the Earth’s biodiversity and halt the planet’s ability to support people.

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