WWF Australia Welcome Toxic Pesticide Ban

WWF Australia is really pleased to see that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has decided to end use of the toxic insecticide Endosulfan on Australia crops. Endosulfan is very harmful not just to the environment, but also the farmers who use it. All existing stocks will be phased out in the next 2 years, with the chemical being immediately de-registered.

Endosulfan has already been banned in many countries across the globe, with the US Environment Protection Agency concluding that user can experience neurological damage and reproductive complications.

WWF Australia spokesperson, Juliette King, said –

Australia is finally catching up with more than 60 other countries that have already decided to ban this toxic chemical, namely the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. It seems Australia’s pesticide regulator was starting to feel the heat defending a chemical known to be dangerous, especially to the health of farmers. Endosulfan is a very nasty poison, but there are many other dangerous pesticides still posing unacceptable risks to Australian farmers and wildlife. We need better processes to ensure the faster removal of pesticides when they are known to be dangerous.

WWF is however critical that the APVMA has allowed a loophole that will allow the existing stock that is left for the next two year. Surely if this chemical is dangerous to workers that it should be stopped being used now?! The APVMA has already reviewing the safety of at least eight dangerous chemicals in the last 13 years, yet many of they remain on shelves today.


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