WWF Calls On Australian Government to Raise Carbon Emission Reduction Targets

The WWF Australia says that there is new polling which indicates support for stronger action on the Climate Change Authority’s (CCA) recommendation that pollution reduction targets should be increased.

According to the results of the AMR poll, 67 per cent of respondents had an opinion on targets and of those 80 per cent thought the Australian government should raise the 2020 pollution target above the current 5 per cent goal. 52 per cent of people with an opinion thing the minimum target should be 25 per cent or above.
Previously Australia has committed it would reduce pollution by between 5 to 25 per cent below where emissions were in 2000 and would achieve the reduction by 2020. Any cuts beyond this depend on action undertaken by other countries.

The CCA has recommended Australia should raise its minimum 2020 commitment.

“This independent advice adds to the weight of evidence showing that Australia’s minimum 5% target is no longer credible and is out of sync with other countries. If Australia’s is serious about keeping global warming below 2 degrees, we must be prepared to cut carbon pollution by 25% by the end of this decade. This is an opportunity for the Government to step up and do what’s best for our economy, environment and the health of our nation.” WWF-Australia National Manager Climate Change, Kellie Caught said.

The WWF recently commissioned a report from Ecofys the results of which suggest that Australia has already used up nearly two thirds of its carbon budget and if it continues emissions at the present rate the entire budget would be used up in less than a decade.

“The Ecofys report shows that a 25% pollution reduction target for 2020 is the bare minimum to put Australia back on track to meet our long-term carbon budget. We are concerned that the Government’s existing policy appears to be designed to achieve only a 5% target by 2020. We urge the Government to review its policy to ensure it’s able to meet a stronger target in an economically efficient manner. The only credible way to meet stronger targets is if we have a stable, long-term policy framework in place, including a price and limit on pollution,” Ms Caught said.

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