WWF Calls On NSW Government Not To Repeal Environmental Legislation

WWF the global conservation groups is calling on New South Wales Premier Mike Baird to save the habitat of as many as 250,000 Australian animals. In just five years the current NSW wildlife laws have saved the lives of over a quarter million native animals. However the Government of NSW is now thinking about whether to scraps the laws that would protect the habitat from being destroyed.

WWF combining with other groups

WWF Australia has combined with a wide variety of conservation groups to launch an advertising campaign across the busy roads of Western Sydney.The billboards featuring a koala are urging the government of NSW to stop the Nature Vegetation Act from being repealed.

Paul Toni a spokesperson for WWF Australia says the economic benefits of native vegetation are huge and include moderating the regional and global climate, pest control, pollination as well as providing shelter for crops and stocks and conserving farm topsoil.

“Keeping these laws would be a win for common sense, from the bush to the beach, NSW nature belongs to all of us. Repealing the Native Vegetation Act would mean more bush gets cut down and more animals’ lives are put at risk. The Premier can save the homes of 250,000 Aussie animals, by protecting the laws that protect the wildlife we love.” Mr. Toni said.

Lots of participating organisations

The coalition of conservation groups that are participating in the advertising campaign aside fromWWF Australia include Humane Society International, Colong Foundation for Wilderness, Birdlife Australia, The Wilderness Society, National Parks Association of NSW, Nature Conservation Council NSW. The conservation groups said more action would be announced at a later date to ensure that the environment remains a major issue during the election.

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