WWF Congratulates Queensland Government On Koala Conservation

The WWF has offered its congratulations to the Government of Queensland for trying to keep its electoral promise of expanding nature refuges and national parks in particular seeking to help the endangered koala. The Newman government announced the Stewartdale Nature Refuge which is located in Ripley which lies just south of Ipswich and includes a Koala corridor.

The Newman Government was elected in 2012 on the back of a commitment to spend $37.7 million to acquire protected areas and nature refuge’s from private landowners and a further $26.5 million to be spent on koala conservation.Dr Martin Taylor, Protected Areas Manager for WWF Australia says the Koala has been declared a vulnerable species in NSW and Queensland largely as a result of deforestation for roads, housing and farms. Therefore it is insufficient to protect the few habitats that are left and there is a major effort needed to recover lost corridors and habitats.

The WWF wants the Government of Queensland to leverage their finances and find co-investment partners to protect wildlife habitat forever.

“There is a real opportunity here for co-investment by the Commonwealth in such projects considering the koala is a protected species under Commonwealth biodiversity law. With less than 5% of the state in national parks, our unique wildlife urgently needs safe havens like Stewartdale if they are to flourish again.” Dr Taylor said.

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