WWF Demands Complete Ban On Dredge Dumping In Great Barrier Reef Area

WWF Australia has responded to a recent report in the Australian newspaper which said the Greg Hunt the country’s Environment Minister has signed a formal order which prevents the dumping of dredge spoil that would adversely affect the Great Barrier Reef. The agency has also repeated its demand for a complete ban in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Time is running out

WWF Australia CEO Dermot O’ Gorman says that over 80% of dumping in reef waters took place outside the marine park but within the World Heritage Area which could easily result in it drifting onto sea grass and coral. He adds that whilst it is an important step to have banned the dumping of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, in order to have real impact, Australia must move towards a complete ban on this practice throughout the World Heritage area. Mr. O’Gorman goes onto say that time is running out for the government of Queensland to commit to the bold policies that are necessary to save the Reef.

“The Reef generates $6 billion a year and supports 60,000 jobs. It’s crucial to Queensland’s future. Restoring the Reef’s health is not only critical from a conservation perspective, it is vital for protecting the thousands of Queensland jobs that depend on it. WWF is a science-based, non-partisan conservation organisation that has developed six detailed solutions to protect the Reef for future generations,” he said.

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