WWF Great Barrier Reef Appeal

WWF Australia is asking for your support as they launch their Great Barrier Reef Appeal to try and stop the pollution of one of the world’s seven wonders. Marine parks cover 345,000km square across the Great Barrier Reef, yet still 14 million tonnes of mud, pesticides and harmful chemicals run into the reef waterways every year.

50% of all the coral in the reef has been lost due to pollution, with much of the area now rubble and algae. By reducing harmful fertiliser and pesticide use in farming, the critical habitats of such vulnerable species like Turtles, Dugongs and Dolphins will be allowed a better chance of survival.

The Great Barrier Reef is alive, just like you and me, and needs help to stop OUR pollution from killing it’s fragile existence. The Great Barrier Reef is an underwater world like nowhere else on the planet. Let’s join forces to protect this magical kingdom, before it’s too late. Simply click on the link below to make a donation to WWF Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Appeal, and help protect this magnificent wonder from destruction.

> > Click here to make a donation to Great Barrier Reef Appeal

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