WWF Pleased With The Appointment Of Threatened Species Commissioner

The WWF says it is pleased with the introduction of a new Threatened Species Commissioner which the organisation says is a welcome addition to the fight to save Australia’s threatened species and plants.

Dermot O’ Gorman CEO of WWF-Australia says the decision to appoint a new commissioner taken by Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt has huge potential to be a valuable reform.

“We applaud Minister Hunt’s determination to tackle species decline across Australia. The appointment of Mr. Gregory Andrews is very welcome and we wish him well in the very challenging role of Threatened Species Commissioner. Our national endangered species list has only grown over the past decade. However with the right resources and powers, the new Commissioner and adequately resourced Action Plans could be the catalyst for arresting and reversing this trend.” Mr. O’Gorman said.

Darren Grover National Manager for Species at WWF was impressed by a recent report that was cited by Minister Hunt as a very important resource for the newly appointed commissioner titled Action Plan for Australian Mammals.

Mr. Grover says the Action Plan has highlighted the fact that feral cats pose a huge threat to Australian terrestrial mammal fauna. He added that he was very encouraged by the comments made by Minister Hunt, who said that the threat posed by feral animals will be a top priority for the incoming commissioner.

“We welcome research into options such as humane baiting and look forward to hearing more details about the full package of protections for our native wildlife,” Mr. Grover said.

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