WWF Says Renewable Energy Target Needs To Increase

WWF-Australia says that the biggest losers will be Australia’s unique wildlife and the country’s environment if the recommendations by the Warburton Review on the Renewable Energy Trust are adopted. Kellie Caught, the organisation’s National Manager for Climate Change says the review has simply ignored the mountains of evidence that suggests we need to transition to renewable energy and away from ageing coal fired power stations if we wish to combat global warming and reduce pollution.

We need to add not reduce renewable energy capacity

Ms. Caught adds that the best way to protect the places we love such as the Great Barrier Reef and reduce pollution is to increase our commitment to adopting renewable energy not reduce it. According to the recommendations made by the report, there could be an additional 189 to 299 million tonnes of carbon emissions between 2015 and 2030.

Australians want less pollution not more

This is obviously something Australians do not want, Ms. Caught says. They want to see pollution reduced rather than increased, and they want the government to take firm action to ensure the places they love endure and the amazing wildlife of the country is protected. Cutting the Renewable Energy target will do lasting damage to the clean energy industry, which means jobs and investment in this innovative industry will suffer.

Energy companies will make billions from dirty coal

Power bills will not be reduced as a result of cutting the Renewable Target. What it essentially means is that power companies will continue to make billions in extra profits from dirty coal power stations. The report seems to ignore the huge amount of support from the general public for renewable energy with over one million rooftops in the country now featuring solar panels. Ms Caught goes on to say that a more sensible approach would be to ensure that Australians and businesses are both incentivised to expand the renewable energy target to 50 per cent by the end of 2030. It makes more sense for our planet, economy and health if Australia is powered by clean renewable energy like wind and solar power.

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