WWF Warns Great Barrier Reef At Risk From Climate Change

The WWF-Australia is urging the Government to ratchet up its action on climate change aftert the IPCC released its 5th assessment report on climate change impacts and adaptation.

WWF-Australia spokesperson Kellie Caught says the news is not good and according to the report it is highly likely that there is increasing risk of wildlife extinction as a result of climate change.

Ms. Caught added it was widely known that climate change could be a death sentence for many threatened species, however the IPCC report confirms that the Great Barrier Reef an Australian icon is now at risk from both global warming and ocean acidification.

“The loss of unique Australian species and places is a loss to the whole world. There is no way to put a price on this. The IPCC also warns of impacts on our food production, economy, ecosystems, health, livelihood and way of life from more frequent and severe heat waves and bushfire conditions, sea level rise, and in some regions more floods, and longer droughts.” Ms Caught added.

The latest report means it is increasingly urgent for the government to enact a credible plan that would protect the country from the impact of climate change. This would mean more intense pollution reduction targets and a price on the cost of pollution in order to achieve those targets.

The WWF warns the absence of immediate action means that Australia is at risk of losing unique places such as the Great Barrier Reef. Millions of Australians who participated in last month’s Earth Hour is further proof that Australians are demanding immediate action.

Ms. Caught says its not too late to turn this around and the report by the IPCC is another wake up call for the country and should be an opportunity for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot to let other world leaders know that Australia is ready to commit to further targets.

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